11 Nov 2017
Limerick Strippers

Limerick Strippers : The Brave and The Beautiful

Limerick Strippers: A break from reality

During the long period of recession Limerick still partied hard. The Limerick Strippers performed in private venues and they can tell tales of good times even in the height of the difficult years. The reason is simple. Limerick people don’t give having fun even when times are hard. Actually, the Limerick Strippers were always in high demand. The good times are as good as your state of mind. Stag parties and boys nights out ( and in) were always a good opportunity to break away from reality and treat the eyes and hearts to some exotic beauty. When one wants to have fun, bravery and determination are needed. And the Limerick strippers appreciate both.

Beautiful Venues for stunning Strippers

The Female strippers of Limerick and the surrounding areas can certify that Limerick is still full of amazing venues. The Stags will appreciate the amazing food in the Locke Bar and the live acts in Dolan’s Warehouse. The Angel Lane and Habitat would please the younger lads. Famous DJs and great craic to be found here.

On a Stag night out our Limerick Strippers will find you in your hiding spot to give you a glimpse of beautiful Vegas on the banks of river Shannon

11 Nov 2017
Kilkenny Strippers

Kilkenny Strippers: Celebrate always right

Kilkenny Strippers: From boys to men

This city full of history and a proud hurling mother of all championships is the one and only place to party and party you will. Stag party or 21st birthday party the Kilkenny Strippers are here to help you celebrate. Is it going to be a hurling victory or the coming of age of a young fella? It doesn’t matter. Our Kilkenny Strippers are professional performers that will amaze you with their acrobatics.

While the jaws of 21 year old are prone to reach the floor as soon as one of our Kilkenny Strippers walk into the door…….They have many other tricks of the trade in their knee high boots.

No self respecting Stag party can leave Kilkenny without tasting the local stuff. Smithwick’s is the Queen of Ales. Go ahead check their visitor centre . And don’t forget the Medieval Mile. Nothing like a bit of local history to get you in a medieval mood for a feast of fine food, strong ale and merry dancers. Yes the Kilkenny Strippers can perform in many uniforms that will impress even the most demanding Stags. If you want to keep within the Medieval Theme, we can send one of our ladies of honour.. In GOT uniform, swords and shields included.

Book our Kilkenny Strippers before or after the Hurling Match


12 Sep 2016

How to organize a Stag Party in Ireland

Your best mate is getting married. He has asked you to be his best man and that means you have to organize his stag party.

There is so much to do when organizing a stag night in Ireland.

This is a big responsibility he is your best friend after all and he deserve a great Stag Party. You are going to do all you can to make it the best ever stag night ever in Ireland. Here are some of the things that you need to do:Read More